Labor Day Labor

I slept in (turned off the alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep) on this holiday Monday. Dad made Fiber One pancakes for breakfast (not as good as Bisquick — which may also be about the fact that I didn’t slather them with real butter, half a jar of Skippy, and a half-gallon of Log Cabin).

Then I headed out to the yard to pull weeds. I planned on it taking about an hour and was happy to get out there while the temps are still reasonable and the humidity only slightly drippy. Well, I underestimated by about 50%, but feel really quite good that I made it through all the planting beds today. Whew.

Sitting here at the computer cooling off internally before I hit the shower, I realized just how badly I need a haircut. (Consider the photo Exhibit A.)  As I am headed to IKEA next for a single purchase (know the aisle number going in, so there’s no wandering through the store being tempted by things I just “can’t live without” today), I may also stop and get my hairs reorganized.

I expect to finish the home office reorganization this afternoon and then have a few things that need my attention on the laptop — one project for a friend and a couple projects for work this week. Those can all be done with reruns of White Collar or a favorite movie playing in the background.

This is a summary of my Labor Day LABOR.

One thought on “Labor Day Labor

  1. antlike says:

    Wow, you really did some serious labor on Labor Day, Ruth! My day looked similar, only MUCH less drippy and I was not so brave as to post a picture of my poor hair. 🙂 All day I kept saying, “I need to google Labor Day” as a refresher course, but then a 2-mile morning walk with Jim, weed-pulling, mowing, clean-up from the mess of mowing, errands and dinner with a colleague from PNG took the day and “poof” it’s midnight. Lots of labor on Labor Day for many of us, I imagine. Back to the office tomorrow for a different type of labor…labor of love!

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