Amateur Video Production

Amateur: A person who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.

When it comes to video production, I am absolutely an amateur. Some of you have seen my series from lunchtime?  Yeah, like that: amateur.

Tomorrow I’m giving leadership to EnterMission — our weekly gathering at Wycliffe USA’s Orlando headquarters. We’re looking backward and forward at our diversity initiatives. Additionally we will continue the conversation. The name of the series (which will resurface quarterly) is TO BE CONTINUED and it’s an ongoing conversation designed to help us become a biblically inclusive community that works well together across differences.

I worked with a group of our staff called the Diversity Champions to plan the hour. We all agreed that it would be good to include voices other than just mine in the hour. They recommended a few different ways that they’d each be willing to participate. John Oh who is on the team and who lives in the Dallas area will phone in and offer the morning prayer after the team is introduced. Some will be greeters and others will be microphone runners. They’ll all take some leadership around tables for the portion of the morning that is actual conversation.

One of the plans morphed and evolved through a variety of possibilities (often after running into limitations) into a picture-in-picture video. Wendy Scott-Penson recorded herself delivering a script that highlights the most recent few years of our organizational diversity journey. I created images/graphics to illustrate the script and then put those two things together in a video of sorts.

I say “of sorts” because it’s not really live-action video. In some ways it’s like a PowerPoint with a recorded audio. Still, it was a good learning experience and good discipline.

Certainly it will be amateur hour in terms of video production, but I think it was a good solution for us. It enabled the inclusion of one more voices in the conversation. Additionally, it aided our need to place clearly defined parameters of time on that portion of the presentation — a part of the story which could, if delivered unscripted, take up the whole morning.

One thought on “Amateur Video Production

  1. antlike says:

    Good on ya’, Ruth! We have WAY too many professionals and I imagine that you did a fun and great job at communication even if professionals can find fault. Most of the rest of us, who are not specialists, will likely get your point really well. I admire your courage to take it on…only sorry I’ll miss it. (Can someone post it for the rest of us or is it always posted somewhere?)

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