Light a Candle

I remember reading a book as a young teen that told the story of a girl whose blindness was a barrier to her own living. This left her unhappy, cursing her inability to see. She was being encouraged to try using a seeing eye dog, but fear kept her from it…at first. While not a literary classic, the moral tale was a good one for it’s early adolescent audience.

One of the quotes used in the book is packed with truth. I’d not thought about it until this morning as I have been weighing my own response to the planned Qur’an burning (now, as I understand it) canceled.

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

I’ve read (in a very quick Google research search this morning) that this is derived from a Chinese proverb. I’ve also read that J.F.Kennedy is often considered the one who make the statement known in our modern thinking in  1961. Additionally, Adlai Stevenson is quoted in the New York Times as referencing this thought in comments about Eleanor Roosevelt. But I digress…

This morning I’m asking God to mold me into a candle-lighter and decrease my tendency to be a darkness-curser.

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