Forever Florida

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This weekend (starting with prep on Wednesday afternoon and Orientation all day Thursday and going through lunch and a couple of airport runs this afternoon) has been the Wycliffe USA Board’s triennial retreat. They’ve found that taking some extra time at the beginning of a term to connect relationally is not only enjoyable but helpful for the board. This board’s success (ability to think well together, pre-process issues, etc.) is dependent, in part, on the high level of trust between board members and between the board and the administration.

All that said to give context to why we hopped on a motor coach and drove less than an hour south in Florida to visit the Crescent J ranch and the Forever Florida wildlife preserve. This outing gave space for long-time and brand new board members, the administration, and spouses/family to get to know each other while we collectively kept an eye out for gators in the ditch and dodged tree branches.

The 4700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation encompasses nine distinct ecosystems. We collectively took a guided Coach Safari tour and our guide helped us understand what we were seeing.  I was most fascinated by the ways the wild boar destroy the land — those buggers are not eco-friendly.  I also learned more about the importance of controlled burns in areas like a good bit of Florida which are fire-dependent.

As usual with nature, there are lessons to be learned that have broader application. I started wondering about the idea of being fire-dependent spiritually. I wondered what the wild boar are in our lives.

Nice afternoon.

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