Filling in the Blanks

I found this photo and love it for all sorts of reasons. Now I’m trying to fill in the blanks about it through my mad observation skills and using my not-too-shabby long-term memory.

We are most likely traveling from somewhere to elsewhere. I know who everyone in the photo is: my mom, her parents, and Robin, my cousin. Let’s guess that my dad is taking the photo.

This looks more like a snack break than a meal. I know the Caskey family and we’d have more on the table if this was a meal.

The picnic table is practically brand new and that tree is recently planted — so I’m guessing that we are at a brand new rest stop along the highway. I used to love rest stops. I probably still do, I just don’t road trip often enough to encounter them these days.

I’m most excited about those plastic mugs that the adults are using (part of the proof that my dad is there is that his coffee mug is on the table — and someone had to take the photo). Those are the root beer float mugs.

I’m also excited as this proves that I am a natural blonde. Hmmm.

I’m looking at those glasses I’m wearing and those are my first pair of glasses, so this had to be the summer between kindergarten and first grade. 1966 maybe.

Now, what do you see that I don’t? Any more blanks to fill in for me?

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