I AM NOT A CAT – a moment of realization

Sitting in Cheryl’s kitchen this morning — solving things far out of our collective speres of influence while ignoring NBC’s Today Show — I had a moment of clarity. Here’s how it happened:

I’d been expressing my response to various types of news and information gleened from Facebook stalking that can make me feel really sad or sick or frustrated or angry. You know, when you find that someone you’ve cared deeply for at one time and invested heavliy in at some point along the way and discover that she is making dangerous, destructive or disheartening life choices.  Or you discover an old friend with whom you’ve lost touch and learn that he is battling cancer or she has lost a child. The list of possible ways that information discovered while stalking could be painful is rather long.

We’re talking about this common Facebook experience and I confess while eating my chocolate Cheerio’s that my self-protective human reaction is to run for cover (aka “unfriend” them) before I get more caught up in unintentional collateral damage. Its like I see them there, beat up and robbed on the side of the road, but I’ve got places to go and people to see. No time to be of any help. Might get my hands bloodied. And everybody knows that Facebook isn’t real real, right?

And even in my confession, I hear a pretty clear message from Jesus. (No, Jesus doesn’t message me on Facebook.)  It went something like this: “Ruth, it’s not about you. It’s not about your comfort or happiness or convenience. It is about ME and I AM a God who loves people who make dangerous, destructive and disheartening life choices. I love people in their celebrations and I love them in their struggles. My intention is to love them through you.”

I’ve grown to believe that a cat’s worldview places himself at the center of the universe seated on the throne. God reminds me with regularity that I am NOT a cat.

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