I AM NOT A CAT – further proof

1. I do not lick my feet/paws. Further more, I do not use my feet, dampened by licking, to comb my hair and wash my face.

2. I do not poop in a sand box or drink from the toilet.

3. I rarely chase small rodents, birds, or bits of string. Rarely.

4. I do occasionally sleep in a spot of sunshine on the floor, but the ahhhh of the sun too soon loses it’s charm when compared to the greater ahhhh of the sofa or my bed.

5. I’ve never hacked up a hairball. (See #1 for general understanding of why that is true.)

6. I like riding in the car.

7. I have never climbed a screen door or draperies and any time I’ve climbed a tree, I was able to get down without ladder trucks and uniformed firefighters coming to my rescue. (Hmm. Might want to rethink that one.)

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