Saturday’s Trip to the Landfill

While I was in Indianapolis last week, Dad “hired” our mower guys to do some dramatic tree and bush trimming in the yard. They did a pretty decent job and the price was reasonable. I was glad to have it done and really glad to not have to figure out how to get it done — i usually do it myself, but it’s increasingly complex as the trees have grown quite a bit. It was a very nice Friday night welcome home surprise.

Only one problem: the mower guys must not know our HOA/waste management rules requiring yard waste to be cut, stacked, tied, sorted, gift wrapped, measured and served with a side of fries. They simply put it all in a big pile at the curb and told Dad it would get picked up on yard waste day.

I don’t fault my dad for believing people. I do fault people if they knowingly took advantage of my believing dad, however.  But, that’s another story and not the point of this blog.

Saturday morning it seemed like the best plan forward to just go out to the pile and start cutting and stacking and binding so our trash service people really would pick it up. When I got past the stuff that they’d taken off the various palms and down to the Live Oak branches, I realized that we were over our heads. We were doing okay with the tools we have, but without a better (or power) saw, the live oak portion of the project was going to take closer to all day than I was willing to invest.

Then I remembered we had another option: haul it to the landfill ourselves. All we needed was a truck and some cash. I called Russ.

I picked up the truck after 3 pm and we started loading it by 3:45. Our deadline was to be at the dump…er…landfill…and through the gate before they closed at 5.  The live oak went in first and when it was all in, the truck was full.

Then I started tossing heavy palm nut clusters on top and weighed it down a bit. You can see we got pretty creative with various palm scraps and a couple of bungee cords. And yes, those are queen palm fronds hanging out the back door. The back seat was full to the ceiling.

As we drove to the landfill I tried to not think about how many living things were in the truck with us.

We weighed going in, dumped (the fun part), and weighed going out. Paying a rate of $29 per ton, we got out the gate for $6. Such a deal.

One thought on “Saturday’s Trip to the Landfill

  1. Dorothea Lander says:

    That truck has carried some CRAZY loads, like the play equipment. This episode just adds to Russ’s stories of his servant truck and his servant heart to share his truck.

    So sorry the “helpers” didn’t really help thoroughly. Since they fooled you once, they won’t get a chance to fool you twice and thus their business will not grow. They reap what they sow.

    Glad nothing crawled out of the load and onto you, like that HUGE spider swimming in my cup of water! 🙂

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