Wild Kingdom

I didn’t get pictures of any of this. I’m disappointed, of course. But really, there wasn’t a good way to manage it well.

Watching a bit of recorded Masterpiece Theater this evening before jumping back in to productivity, I had no idea that we were about to experience a distraction fit for blogging. I know, I know, considering what all I’ve written about in Hubbard’s Cupboard, an eventful event does not have to be all that spectacular. Still, I do have standards.

First, Cootie jumped to attention and peered out onto the screened patio. I figured she’d seen a gecko and was hoping for an opportunity to pounce and chase. Dad let me know that it was not a gecko but a squirrel that had gotten her attention. We’ve got a little family of squirrels who live in the neighborhood and often romp through our yard and over the top of our screen on their way to the queen palm.

I was confused when Dad declared that we really should chase it out. Why, I wondered, would we chase this critter out of the yard tonight after letting it romp freely for months. “Because it’s INSIDE the screen.” Ah. There you go.

Since I really do fancy myself a bit of a critter-whisperer or Doctor Doolittle, I grabbed the yardstick with intent of heading out the door while I instructed (asked? bossed? it was probably more of the latter than I intended) Dad to hold Cootie’s collar and not let her out.

I was about to open the sliding glass door when I spotted an orange and brown stripped snake right outside the door looking about for whatever it is snakes look.

Before entering the enclosed cage with a squirrel and a snake (and no shoes), I decided to google the snake to see if I needed to be cautious or just aware.

I eventually ventured through the sliding glass door as the snake slithered under the mini-fridge. I’m sure that’s not a bad place to live for a snake–the motor would be warm one a cool evening. (Now if we can just get ourselves a cool evening.) I opened the screen door to the yard and urged the squirrel to exit directly. It didn’t take long — it really wanted out. I just can’t figure out how it got in to begin with and why it and the snake made synchronized appearances.

I have no idea whether the snake is still under the fridge. I imagine so. All indications are that it’s not venomous, so it’s not a huge deal. We’ve had black racers in the yard for years and they only bug me when they seem to appear from nowhere without warning. I think they feel the same way about me.

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