Elephant? Donkey? or Lamb?

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez has been identified by the Wall Street Journal as one of America’s 7 most influential Hispanic leaders — the only religious leader on the list. Newsweek named him one of their top 12 people to watch in 2008. Rodriguez spoke this morning at the North American Mission’s Leaders Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. My summary response: Wow.

Rodriguez blogs regularity for the Washington Post. Read some of this stuff. It’s compelling. Exciting. But this is all background on the person who made this memorable (t0 me) comment:

“The Hispanic church will not be led by allegiance to the elephant or the donkey, but completely led by the Lamb.”

I think this is something that should be said of all who follow Christ — that our relationship with Him is what compels and identifies us. Citizenship and political affiliation should be dramatically secondary.

Striving for this myself requires me to de-tangle the stuff inside my thinking and values — identifying the things that are biblical and the things that are cultural. Not all things cultural are bad — that’s not the point — but just because something is “American” does not automatically make it good either. And while this is not new thinking, the challenge of Rodriguez’s statement has renewed my commitment to self-evaluation and clarity of conviction.

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