Leaping Lemurs!

One of the exhibits at the Singapore Zoo (maybe the best zoo I’ve ever experienced) is totally enclosed because it includes butterflies, a variety of birds, fruit bats, a couple kinds of sloth and lemurs. The bats and the sloth were busy eating durian, so the enclosure also includes some challenging scents. Just sayin’.

So, there was a lemur on the railing and she was happy (or at least tolerant) when people got close and took photo advantage of the situation. I was hanging there having a chat with her when this other little guy decided to engage me from behind. He started investigating my top at the back of my right shoulder, then climbed over me to continue his investigation of the left sleeve.

As I stated on Facebook, I’m not sure if he was grooming me or considering me as a meal option. Our relative size would make me think that the latter was not a realistic option. Maybe he just liked the feel of the fabric on his teeth or the smell of the fabric softener mixed with sweat and rain. Who knows.

Anybody remember that TV show with the two brothers who explored various things in nature?  They had a lemur friend who leaped about their home base. I can’t remember the name of the show. I just remember thinking that those two guys would be a hoot to hang out with and that lemurs would also be cool to have as companions. Maybe I’ll meet the guys someday. Until then, I can attest to the fact that lemurs are, in deed, quite fun.

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