Best Zoo

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Granted, the fact that I had a rather close encounter with lemurs influences my opinion of the Singapore zoo, but it’s not the only reason I’d suggest this is one of if not the best zoo I’ve ever experienced. The design of the zoo made it feel less like animals in cages and more like animals living in habitats with accessible paved paths around and about them.

I took these photos with a simple point-and-shoot camera — a Sony Cybershot. I only used the optical zoom. I really was “that close” to these animals. The big cat was taken through glass, but they (there were two together) were in an outdoor habitat.

After a few hours roaming about this facility I was filled up with wonder at God’s creativity and delighting in all He has made.

2 thoughts on “Best Zoo

  1. davemartina says:

    You are soooo right!! Imagine my predicament…growing up thinking that the S’pore zoo was normal…think of the years of disappointment of going to zoo after zoo and never finding one as good!! haha!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Oh my. It’s like me growing up between Denver and the Rockies thinking everyone had mountains in their back yard.

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