Another reason to carry an umbrella to the Singapore Zoo

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Maybe you’ve already seen that I paid $5 (Singaporean) to have my photo taken with a few orangutan at the Singapore Zoo. The orangutan habitat at that zoo gives every appearance that these creatures have free run of the place. They don’t really, of course.

This particular guy was shimmying across the space above our head and eventually across the walkway just above us. I had a rather long conversation with him. I even introduced him to Filbert. When I got Filbert out of my bag, the great ape reached out for him. I think he wanted to be friends…or thought Filbert might be lunch.

Most people stayed at a distance with their little point and shoot cameras. I wanted a better view and walked right under him. In doing so, I was rather sure that the orangutan would eventually let me know I was not welcome. Orangutan may look like they like people, but I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Eventually…he peed. A quart worth, my guess. Missed me by inches. Silly creature.

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