History Making

I’ve mostly been sharing the fun stuff around the edges from my time in Singapore — the trips to the zoo and bird park and my observations about the city and culture. I thought it was about time to share a bit about why I was in Singapore: Global Leaders Meetings.

Every so many years (used to be 3, now 4) the international leadership teams from SIL Int’l and Wycliffe Bible Translators International along with regional and area leaders within SIL and organizational directors from organizations which make up the Wycliffe Alliance gather in one place to plan and celebrate together.

Both of these international organizations are facing significant restructuring-reinventing-redefining so being together provided opportunity to speak into those processes. Some of the time the leaders from SIL and from the Alliance met together in combined session — much of the time we met in separate sessions.

In one of the early Wycliffe sessions, Kirk Franklin (the Executive Director of Wycliffe International) walked us through the history of Wycliffe — starting with the life-changing short-term mission trip of our founder, Cameron Townsend in 1919 and ending with our current process of restructuring of what has become an alliance of organizations all committed to providing access to God’s Word in the mother tongue for all people in the language and form that serves them best.

A text version of that history is found on the Wycliffe Int’l website and I highly recommend it as a source of information and (at least for me, and likely for many of you) inspiration. It’s extraordinary to see how God has been on the move to include more of His Church in this work.

You may be aware that the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism is about to convene in South Africa. The focus there is on the whole Gospel being taken to the whole world by the whole Church. We are beginning to see that in our generation in ways that were not possible until now — what a privilege to be living at this point in history when God is moving in extraordinary ways around the world, bringing the nations to Himself. Even more is the amazing opportunity we have to participate in what God is doing through prayer, through service, through stewarding and sharing resources, through advocacy.

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