TUES MORNING: Botanical Gardens

I traveled home from Singapore 24 hours later than I could have, giving myself 24 hours to enjoy this city nation. My friend, Aileen, was also in Singapore (from Manila) doing work around the edges of the Global Leaders Meetings and had Tuesday free until a meeting in the evening, so we spent the day together. This was a real gift and a late-in-the -planning surprise. I knew a few weeks before going that she was going to be in town and that we’d get to grab a meal or coffee sometime. We didn’t know until we were both there and scheduled straightened out that we’d have a day to play. Call it what you will — I will call it a gift from God who knows me well.

We spend the morning at Singapore’s Botanical Gardens — a spectacular grouping of gardens in western Singapore — in an area which includes the U.S. Embassy as well as Embassies from the U.K., Australia and China. Entry to the gardens is FREE with the exception of the orchid garden which costs $5 (about $3.50 in U.S. dollars). May be one of the best deals in Asia.

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