BSF in Singapore

This isn’t the route I took, but having this map gave me the ability to take a different route and find it. What’s it? The church on Prinsep Street where one of Singapore’s evening women’s classes of Bible Study Fellowship meets each week. How cool is that?!

My schedule gave me two opportunities to attend the Tuesday evening class which met closest to the YWCA where we stayed for the Global Leaders Meetings in Singapore — the night after I arrived and the night before I left. I was too fuzzy-brained to go that first night, but I was so glad to have the chance on that last night to take a walk through this very safe city.

What a delight to gather with 200+ women to study God’s Word together.

For those who are participants in BSF but who have never visited another class, let me tell you how this works in case that might encourage you to do it sometime.

When I’m traveling and know I’ll miss class in my home city and expect I’ll have means of transportation (or have any hopes of being able to walk to a location) and time in my schedule to attend the class wherever it is I’m going, I hop onto the BSF website and look for the classes in the city I’ll be visiting.

Once I navigate to the country or state and city, I read through the list, looking for women’s classes I might be able to attend. If I find one, I click on the link to send a message to that class’ administrator to ask if I can join them whatever date I’ll be in town. This is a way to find out whether they might be on a break as well as to confirm which lesson the group will be studying so I can have my lesson with me and complete and therefore participate in a small group.

The classes in the U.S. and some other places are all on the same schedule (basically) but can get out of synch depending on when they (or if they) break for Thanksgiving week or Spring Break. Classes in other countries are often on other schedules because their seasons are different. Singapore is about 6 months behind the U.S. schedule, so they are in their last weeks of the study of John’s Gospel.

I exchanged a few emails with the class administrator who was very helpful and welcoming. It was fun to meet her when I arrived for class. She’d assigned me to a small group – helped me know where to go and introduced me to the teaching leader. In that class, the teaching leader publicly welcomes any international visitors. She said is was a way for her to help the women in the class see that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

That’s a reason I go join other BSF groups when I travel. I need that reminder too. I know it in my head — hear it and see it from a distance all the time in my work/ministry with Wycliffe. But it’s good for a body to be physically in a place that is beyond our normal boxes. What a privilege to sit in a small group with Singaporean women and be joyfully reminded of the things we hold in common and the beauty of our differences.

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