Pedicure and IKEA

Libby is here from Iowa for a few days and we’ve been busy being busy. No so much blogging. I’m sure you’re okay. I will – for my own sense of keeping track of life and such – eventually catch up on highlight. Probably.Yesterday we went for pedicures and then ran an errand at IKEA, snagged frozen yogurt cones on our way out the door there and on the way to the OUTLETS. We did not – in case the graphic on the cart has prompted you to wonder…or drool, even — purchase any of the cinnamon rolls.

I’d done a bit of research online looking for a place for the pedicures and found one over on Orange Avenue across from the SODO Target that had consistently good customer reviews. And the prices were reasonable. I was pleased.

While pedicures are not something I choose to budget for on a regular regular basis (ie. monthly like a hair cut), I think I will consider something as often as quarterly. They do such a superior job of some most everything they do — and the polish lasts longer than when I slap it on impatiently.

And it’s just a lovely, relaxing way to spend an hour.

So, I’ll be going again in January. Anyone in Orlando want to join me?  With a Starbuck’s right next door practically, it’s begging to be a social event.

2 thoughts on “Pedicure and IKEA

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Yes, Charlene – you will be busy!! And preparation for a winter wedding probably doesn’t require a pedi like a summer wedding. Certainly not a trip to Florida to get one. 🙂

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