Cocoa Beach, Florida

Libby and I spent a few hours Friday afternoon at Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida pretty much due east from Orlando. It is our closest beach. We hauled plenty of stuff with us to make a beach camp: umbrella, chairs, towel blanket, towel towels, cooler with beverages and lunch snackity stuff, a couple of magazines and personal electronica communication devices.

We lounged. We…well, probably “I” not “we”..napped. We chased waves. We laughed at people. We dug shallow shoe graves. We watched birds and pseudo surfers.

On the way home we stopped at the Cocoa Beach Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

Sidebar: I did not post any photos of the contestants of our “what not to wear” contest. Mostly, as the self-appointed judges, we did not care if people didn’t match. We didn’t even really care about the old guy with black dress socks and plaid shorts. Our winners (or really losers) were people who were not wearing what they should rather than wearing what they should not. Follow that?  Yeah. Some people should wear MORE.

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