There are good reasons that I love having Cootie stay with us while her people serve various on-site training programs for Wycliffe. One of those reasons is that she is so very easy to please — an occasional chewy chip, a cup of food in the morning and the evening, a walk once-in-a-while, and lots of chillin’ on the patio or anywhere else.

If dogs have love languages, hers are “with” and “gifts of food” and “touch.” She will tolerate just about anything in order to get those critical things in her life.

Libby quickly discovered that Cootie is a willing participant in an activity I usually call “PHOTO SHOOT.” This is where you take whatever clothing or clothing-like something you have close at hand and use it to costume Cootie. Then you get your camera and ask Cootie to strike a pose (well, usually I ask her to “sit” and “stay,” but you get the idea).

After her good-natured participation, she is rewarded with a treat. She’s learned that being cooperative not only gets her quite a bit of attention, touch and some yummy treats, but a rather significant amount of verbal affirmation that, whatever the words say, is in that tone which says, “you are the best dog in the whole world and I love you forever.”

Smart dog.

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