Filbert in Singapore

Filbert traveled with me to Singapore last month, but is just now getting around to sharing the photos. Jet lag. That’s what he says, anyhow.

If you followed my ventures, you may note that Filbert does not make a photo appearance at the Bird Park. The Birds of Prey show (one of our first stops there — after the owl house) convinced him that his place was INSIDE my bag at that facility. It makes sense that a mouse would be rather intimidated by birds.

Here are Filbert’s comments about the photos he’s chosen to share:

  1. Air conditioned busses are GREAT.
  2. Wild boar and giant (to me) emu birds are rather intimidating.
  3. John Cheese-nut* is a nice guy. (Thanks for sharing your umbrella!)
  4. Orangutan’s are not polite and have HUGE hands.
  5. Cats are pretty when they are behind glass.
  6. The frog was a statue. The fruit bat was real…and creepy.
  7. Rain forrest = green, damp, and beautiful!
  8. Trees are NOT places for carving your name. Unless it is YOUR tree in your yard, and then only with permission.

(John: Filbert has been told that your last name is Chesnut, but he likes you a lot and likes both cheese and nuts a lot and can’t get it straight in his tiny little head.)

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