Not an excuse, a choice

I had an urge to pop onto the blog last night and give excuses for why I’ve not blogged this week. This morning I realized that I don’t really have excuses so much as I’ve made choices. My non-blogging has not been imposed or inflicted on me by outside forces over which I have no control, I did other things with my time this week.

Funny thing about priorities — it’s too easy to forget to set then ahead of the “crisis” and then end up setting them in the middle of it. And let’s be honest, when we make decisions on the fly, we can be overly influenced by traffic and trends. When I drive somewhere, I generally plan my route before I leave the driveway. I don’t always look at a map or do it consciously if it’s a place I go often. Sometimes when I don’t, I turn the less efficient direction at the first turn and end up having to…what do those silly talking GPS things say?…recalculate my route.

Life is like that too.

I’m not saying that I am consistent about being intentional with my planning instead of reactive. I live in the world of both and am thankful that both can work. I also know that intentionality — when possible — has some advantages. In fact, I think that intentionality in life gives room for spontaneity.

Anyhow, that’s what I was thinking about as I looked at my blog with no posts for the last week of October.

One thought on “Not an excuse, a choice

  1. Lois says:

    Ruth, I was just talking to our Bible study group this week about “interruptions” and how those are sometimes the things God brings to our life – the things that our not our priorities but His. We can choose to look at the interruptions as something that He has ordained or be annoyed because they don’t fit into our agenda. The choice is ours.

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