Cardamon-Spiced Carrot Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

It all started with a Google search for an image of a basic chocolate dessert. Before long, I was on the website which appears to offer great recipes (I’ve read a few and they seem sound and delicious, but I’ve not tried any in the 10 minutes since I found the site). More than that, they provide extraordinary images of those recipes. Oh my.

And they have an iPhone app. Just what I need.

This particular recipe got my attention (when I normally gravitate toward chocolate + peanut butter or chocolate + coffee or chocolate + chocolate) because of the cardamom. I love that spice.

Foodies, you’ve probably found this site already and might offer your perspective on it. For those of us who just like to look at pretty pictures of food we’d like to eat but we’ll most likely not actually prepare ourselves, this is a new mental vacation destination.

And the implications of that last statement…perhaps a blog post for another day when I’m feeling more like standing on a soap box or examining that board in my own eye.


FYI: The appears to offer quite a few carrot cake recipes, including one that uses tofu and another that includes macadamia nuts and coconut.


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