WANTED: Web Developer

Wycliffe USA is looking for a WEB DEVELOPER to join the team in Orlando, Florida. Are you a web developer looking for a job that fits your skill set and has eternal impact?

According to our IT Department, this web developer will use their skills in Web Development, Application Analysis, and User Designs to create highly functional and intuitive work interfaces for people. This job requires both the technical talents of a web developer and the interpersonal skills of a designer in order to create the most useful interfaces to provide decisionable information for anyone from front line workers to executives. Work will be done on Microsoft based platforms. The underlying databases will be Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Programs will use the Microsoft .Net foundation. Many of the delivery applications will be done through the collaboration portal of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

I know what some of that means.

If you aren’t a web developer, maybe you know one. Point them to this blog, would you?

INTERESTED in this JOB? Call 407-852-3615 or email our Employee Coordinator or check out more info and connect via the web.

Required Qualifications: BS in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience required; A minimum of 3 years of hands on experience doing web development; One year of lead experience of some teams or complex development projects is preferred. Mobile/iPhone experience a plus.

All positions with Wycliffe require a personal commitment to Christ evidenced by personal testimony and identification with a local church. Additionally, our staff must be eligible to work in the United States.

One thought on “WANTED: Web Developer

  1. antlike says:

    I don’t know a web developer, or I would surely send them your way. May God tap the right person on the shoulder soon! Today, however, I became acquainted with a family business where the dad is a world class chocolatier, right there in Florida. The mom was looking for information for their son’s report on John Wycliffe. Check out their blog if you dare at http://rpchocolates.blogspot.com/ but get out something to sop up the drooling this site will bring about!

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