An exercise in brevity

God’s Word for all: translated, accessible, impacting lives

In the last 24 hours — along with a rather long list of other things with which I will not burden/bore you — I needed to summarize Wycliffe’s identity in 60 characters.

Thankfully, the world of texting and tweeting has improved my ability to think specifically and succinctly. Unfortunately, those worlds have also taught me how to use words that aren’t words, forego punctuation, and use odd symbols or emoticons to express things that could take lots of words.

What you see above is my best effort for the day.

I resisted any urges to use alliteration or rhyme. I think that was a good choice. Generally I find that any of these types of exercies — whether real or hypothetical — are good ones. Kind of like writing sonnets, but not.

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