iTunes + Beatles

I’ve never been a big fan of the Beatles. I’m not an anti-fan either. I can certainly sing along with quite a few of their most popular tracks and have greatly enjoyed Beatles covers by all sorts of musicians in concerts over the years.  My place and time were just off to have been exposed to and otherwise indoctrinated by Beatle-Mania.

Still, I can only imagine the happy dance that some are doing now that the Beatles’ music is available through iTunes. Purists who still insist on listening on vinyl only are likely ready to implode at the sacrilege.

ABC News tells the story — includes a nice montage video of their music and images. I haven’t looked, but I would guess this will be all over the morning shows today, too.

Has anyone noticed that some designer somewhere found a way to take old images and make them fit the Apple brand perfectly?  Was the photo above a single shot simply cleaned up, or four different photos?  That show under Paul’s foot, Photoshopped? I’m perfectly okay with that, by the way — just wondering.


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