A Thankful November

I was challenged by some friends who were being likewise challenged to post THANKFUL status updates on Facebook through November until Thanksgiving day. It has been a delightful exercise. Other than the fact that I missed a day and I’m not sure how it happened, really — and the fact that I misdated a couple of postings (corrected in this record), it was easy and good and I might do it again.

I wanted to “save” these expressions of gratitude and somehow a blog seems more lasting than Facebook status updates. Funny world I live in.

November 1:
I’m thankful for the reminder that the statement “God disciplines those He loves” is NOT a cliché. His zeal for my undivided attention is so great that He will destroy anything that comes between us if that’s what it takes for me to fully rely on Him alone.

November 2:
Thankful for the privilege I have as a citizen of these United States of America to participate in the governance of our nation through free elections.

November 3:
I’m thankful for meaningful work that challenges me, stretching me beyond my own capacity and surprising me anew as God accomplishes things in and through me I often don’t anticipate.

November 4:
I’m thankful for Deb Borland‘s friendship! Proclaiming that gratitude on her BIRTHDAY seems particularly appropriate, don’t you think?

November 5:
I’m thankful for Bethel University — and especially for the ongoing impact that Bethel faculty have in my life. Also thankful for the chance to meet with a group of alumni who live in central Florida today to pray for Bethel.

November 6:
Thankful for warm slippers when the temps drop. I’m also thankful that some stuff sold today (didn’t put all that much out and most of it rode away in other people’s cars) at the garage sale so my snowflake shindig fund is growing. Woo hooo!

November 7:
Thankful to be sharing a birthday with Brent LundgrenCristy KrathwohlDeana Johnson Ochoa, and Billy Graham. Even more thankful to have been born to parents who loved me well and showed me to the way to know and love God well.

November 8:
Thankful for (in no particular order)
internet phone technology,
fish tacos,
warm slippers,
Sharpie markers,
music, and
shampoo that smells good.

November 9:
Thankful for the way the sun reflects off water that is being impacted by a bit of a breeze. (This is the time of year when the sun sets early enough that the view out my office window is spectacular in the late afternoon almost every day. I love it!)

November 10:
I am thankful that God uses music in my life to accomplish so many things. Sometimes those have been simple moments of rest and encouragement and other times those have been times of deep reflection and restoration.

November 11:
I’m thankful for those who have invested themselves — heart & soul & mind & strength — for the good of others. Explorers. Soldiers. Missionaries. Research scientists. Poets. Doctors. Teachers. Pastors. Civil servants. Farmers.

November 12:
I’m thankful for the opportunity my role in Wycliffe USA gives me to see God at work for His glory in the lives of individuals and communities around the world as they engage His Word in the language and form that they understand best. I’m humbled that I play a part in God’s mission. This is grace.

November 13:
I’m thankful for marketing campaigns that provide access to yummy meal options at BOGO prices. Thanks Chipotle Check-In BOGO for a weekend burrito bowl treat.

November 14:
I’m thankful for a perfectly l.o.n.g nap on a Sunday afternoon.

November 15:
Thankful for Tylenol Sinus Congestion and Pain Severe, Kleenex, Purell hand sanitizer, and Diet Mountain Dew.

November 16:
I’m thankful that my friend Aileen Agoncillo will be arriving in Orlando in less than an hour.

November 17:
I’m thankful for teachers who invest in the development of students rather than the teaching of material. I’m also thankful that I’m no longer in the 6th grade — oh my.

And (it’s a full-of-thankful day) I’m thankful that Tijuana Flatts is on the agenda for supper.

November 18:
I’m thankful for the opportunity to study Scripture with other women who desire to know God through His Word. My years as a participant and now, for the first time, as a group leader with Bible Study Fellowship have been rewarding, challenging, growth-producing, convicting, encouraging…I am blessed and blessed again.

November 19:
I’m thankful for the blessing that comes from being a part of Wycliffe USA’s Senior Leadership Team with whom I’ve spent the last 36+/- hours in retreat. Our agenda time was spent 1/3 receiving leadership insights and 2/3 in intercession on behalf of one another and our families.

November 21:
Thankful for the ways God has directed Lisa Meharry to service with Wycliffe Bible Translators and is providing all she needs for her walk of obedience. Praying that today’s Commissioning Service will stand as a powerful reminder to her and her ministry partners who are able to be with her of God’s sovereignty, holiness and amazing grace.

November 22:
I’m thankful that God’s provision does not depend on my resources — or yours. I’m thankful that God’s grace is perfect especially when my unworthiness is more obvious than ever. I’m thankful that God’s peace is present in chao, that God’s joy is present in grief, and God’s hope is present in the middle of the darkest night.

November 23:
Thankful to have been introduced to a new online presentation option that has some real potential — both to be extremely useful and to be the next thing to drive me mad when it’s used poorly.

November 24:
I’m thankful that God is God

November 25:
I’m thankful for the ways that God expresses Himself through all He has created — and uniquely through people made in His image! I don’t have the capacity to know God fully (yet), but am grateful for the ways that He reveals Himself in glimpses over time. His grace abounds in His limiting of Himself. Hallelujah!



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