a toast to my friend Charlene

I started a poem on Facebook to celebrate my friend Charlene’s completion of her 2 years of required Russian language study!  I’ve decided to move it here and both edit and expand it a bit.

Feel free to add your own verses if you’d like.

You’ve stretched and grown and learned some stuff —
That Russian language is rather rough
For English speaking brains like ours
without linguistic super-powers.

I’m proud, my friend. You stayed the course.
You pushed ahead. You’re not divorced.
You didn’t even loose your mind.
(Well, not for long – not all the time.)

And all the while you’ve been just you —
you’ve begun to do what you’re created to do.
Your care for folk has flesh, is true.
It comes from deepest part of you.

You’ve hosted parties, prepared food.
You bake and cook, you steep and brew.
With flowers, napkins and paper plates
You set a theme and decorate.

To help others feel at home, at peace–
You scrub, you paint, you tile, you grease.
You’ve gone to serve. You’ve grow to love.
For this and more, Praise God above!!

2 thoughts on “a toast to my friend Charlene

  1. Deb K. says:

    Glad to see that the new version has “painting” in it…I almost added a verse this AM to cover that! Especially the fact that Charlene ENJOYS doing it…

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