Ordinary Time

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Fair Trade Music deal through NOISE TRADE. Another new-to-me group from my recent download extravaganza is Ordinary Time. I’m love, love, loving The Town of David. There are four songs for fair trade download on the NOISE TRADE site and I’m on the verge of doing a digital download of the whole album for a very fair price of $5 from Ordinary Time’s own site. This is a more bluegrass sound and I love it.

When I listen to well-executed bluegrass and folk, I’m sure I should have been born in Johnson City or Asheville. I have fairly eclectic musical tastes, there is something powerfully good about…powerfully good music. Good because it’s smart and fresh while it’s very familiar and comfortable. Like favorite jeans (but not the skinny kind or ones with designer labels and a steep price tag). Bluegrass and folk, done well, is like that for me.

On their website, someone named D. S. Martin describes their music well. Or at least, describes it in a way that I find myself nodding in agreement.

“Take one part 1960s folk trio, one part 1940s bluegrass band and one part small town church musical feature and make your participants artistic, intelligent people of faith and you might have some idea of the music Ordinary Time creates.”  D.S. Martin

I recommend their music paired, on a quiet evening, with strings of lights and candle flame. And mint tea. Or cocoa.

Want a preview? I couldn’t embed this with VodPod (technical restrictions), but am happy to link you to a Ordinary Time‘s Zion — a personal favorite, on YouTube. And, if you go to their website, you can listen to all their music.

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