99 Christmas Masterpieces

Okay, I might put at least 99 songs higher on the list than many of these. That’s the not point. The point is, this is a GREAT collection of songs you might not pay a buck each to own, but how can you argue with the amazon.com MP3 download price of $1.99 for the whole 99?

This collection includes a number of pieces from the Nutcracker Suite and some delightful choral works including Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming and Ave Maria. Add to that Brandenburg Concerto No.3 (all three parts) and Canon in D Major…and on and on.

The recordings are “the best in the world” kind of recordings. I’m not sure how they’d stand up to the scrutiny of someone who knows better listening on a system that includes Bose speakers. Fortunately, I’m not one and don’t own ’em — so I’m a happy camper with the quality that is plenty good enough for my needs.

While there are some delicious interpretations and remakes of traditional Christmas songs in all sorts of genre by many known musicians that I like quite a lot, sometimes I’m in the mood for more of the tradition and less of the innovation. For that kind of evening, this album hits the spot.

Oh, and one editorial comment. The cover design is not all that attractive, but I can live with mediocre for the price. The really silly thing is that this music is predominantly sacred. In fact, I’m not sure that, other than one choral version of Jolly Old St. Nicholas, the pieces from Nutcracker, and a couple of generic winter/snow songs, it’s God focused again and again.

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