I’ve made it at least relatively clear through my recent blogging that I love Christmas music. With that in mind, I celebrate the provision of God in my life of some really good free/free trade downloads (I’ve also been sharing them) as well as two Christmas concerts this month.

A week from Friday I’ll be at Northland church experiencing the Annie Moses Band for the first time. The promise of an evening of music preformed by five young, classically trained musicians is good enough. But read what has been said about them and you’ll get, maybe, why I’m rather over-the-top that they’re coming to my church and that the tickets were reasonable priced (read that as I did not have to take out a loan to purchase them for me and Dad).

The Annie Moses Band is an ensemble unlike any in America today. A blend of fiddle, jazz, and classical influences fused with soaring, folk-inspired vocals creates a sound that is both refreshing and familiar.

Then, on Sunday morning following, we’ll get up early and drive over to the coast to a church in Clearwater for Sara Groves’ Christmas concert. While I’ve been wearing out her CD’s forever (since there were Sara Groves CD’s), this will be my first time hearing her live. And this concert is FREE.

I’ve already pointed you to NoiseTrade where you can download a live version of this concert that was done in a prison earlier this year (I think).

Humming happy Christmas hums as I thank God for His perfect provision of things beyond what is necessary. He knew just what I wanted for Christmas.

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