Penny and the Piano

I love the piano. We don’t hear this extraordinary instrument featured so much any more. And honestly, I’m okay with not hearing so many badly arranged or badly played songs. But…as often is the case…I digress.

Whether you love piano or good music or Christmas, I venture to say that you’ll enjoy hearing Penny Rodriguez’s Christmas music that is delightfully arranged and artistically played.

So, another Christmas musical favorite (Penny playing anything Christmas) comes recorded on two CD’s — which, in the world of iTunes doesn’t much matter. I did check and Both Portraits of Christmas and Midnight Clear are available on iTunes (and one of them is on the MP3 download site, too.)

I was introduced to Penny when I was helping my friends Lyn and Steve move from their apartment to their first house in Indy. Penny and Dave were also there to help. Dave was, at the time, the associate pastor at Lyn and Steve’s church. A few years later, when I made Faith Missionary Church my home, I heard Penny play the piano in the worship service and I knew immediately that this woman is not your typical “pastor’s wife who plays piano.”

Over the years I’ve had the joy of singing some of her choral arrangements — they really are spectacular. You’ll find some of those on the Portraits set. (I see that there is a NEW Portraits of Christmas which seems to be a Christmas musical. I’ll have to check that out.)

If you are a pianist and you’ve not encountered her arrangements for piano, may I highly recommend that you do so…immediately. And if you are part of a church choir where most of the members can read music, her choral arrangements really are spectacular. My opinion, of course.

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