What if…?

What if we actually DO see the last language needing access to God’s Word in the language that serves them best begin the process of translation before I reach retirement age?

I know that those of us in Wycliffe and many others with us have been talking about Vision 2025 for a decade now–talking about our collective dream to see the last Bible translation programs beginning by the year 2025. When I started my journey as supported staff with Wycliffe through the application process in February 2001, 2025 seemed a L O N G way off. And I was glad it seemed a long way off because it also seemed to be an impossible task.

In some ways it is still an impossible task. In most ways, actually. And in the midst of that complex impossibility, God keeps proving Himself faithful to His plan to bring some from EVERY nation, tribe, people, and language into a worshipping relationship with Himself. God keeps orchestrating and implementing. God keeps transforming the impossible into the done.

We are experiencing the greatest acceleration of the pace of Bible translation in history.

We are seeing cooperation, partnership, collaboration that lets every one and every organization bring it’s best.

It’s messy. It’s out of control.

It’s wonderful.

We are stretching beyond our own skins and finding God already preparing the way with a new skin. New technology. New processes. New us.

We are breathless with anticipation.

We are filled with a sense of awe.

Of hope.

Of extraordinary joy.



The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.

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