Ringing Bells

Start your own Online Red KettleThis is a season when ringing bells is more acceptable than usual. We expect the Salvation Army Bell Ringers to be outside our favorite stores with their donation buckets ready to accept our spare change. I’ve heard that some of the bucket folk have the ability to take donations via debit card in case you don’t have cash on hand. Many of us don’t use cash all that often. Or you can visit their website and donate that way.

Some of us will encounter hand bell choirs at our churches or schools this time of year. Christmas was the first time I remember hearing a bell choir and that was at Moody Bible Institute’s Christmas concert. I think. I’m pretty sure. I only played in a bell choir one time. It was fun.

Oh, and I have a hand bell app on my iPhone but I’ve never gotten it to work like I think it could if the right people were all gathered at once with the app on their phones. Maybe someday.

There are door bells and sleigh bells…and schnitzel with noodles. (Digression.)

And there are other the songs about bells. Jingle bells…and sometimes jingle bells that rock. And then there is the Carol of the Bells. Thanks to the Muppets for making this one new again.

Go Animal! (And if you have the internet capacity, you might want to adjust the resolution on this video to eliminate the pixelishness.)


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