A Social Network Christmas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When I Shared this via Facebook, I Commented that I would Blog about it rather than post my opinions/observations in that space.  (Funny how some words have gained meaning or gained new meaning in the past decade. I’m okay with that. Just musing.) I wanted other viewers to be able to watch this video without being previously biased by my thoughts. In this decision, I obviously see Facebook as a more public place than my blog, even though ANYONE can access and read my blog while only people who I’ve Facebook beFriended can see my stuff there. I suppose that the fact that only a few people per day visit my blog influences that perception.

Wow. Christmas  season sugar buzz does not help my focus, does it?

When I saw the link to this video a few days ago I honestly thought “ho hum…how predictable…somebody capitalizing on the trendiness of Facebook to get attention and promote the ‘real’ meaning of Christmas in a way that will probably embarrass me by its very cliched-ness.”  This response should have been a sign unto you that I am burnt out on some aspects of what I evaluate (fairly or not?) as smacking people over the head with a flashlight in the name of shining light.

Today, when the umpteenth person shared the link with enthusiasm, I gave in and clicked the PLAY arrow.

I was more quickly engaged that I expected. It was well conceived. Well executed. Predictable enough to be easy to follow and yet not completely cliché.

And then it happened. Joseph updated his status to read “IT’S A BOY!” and (don’t judge) I cried. I felt, for a brief moment, an excitement that I’ve not felt about the birth of the Christ for a good while.

Around our office here in Orlando there has been a sort of baby boom, as I’ve written before (with photo, even). That means that almost monthly in 2010 and now going into 2011 I’ve been watching and waiting for those very announcements on Facebook from colleagues and friends.

Maybe it’s that recent life experience that made Joseph’s message feel more real to me.  The harkening angels are so other-worldly and other-timely as bearers of the birth announcement that I can too easily categorize them in that convenient “in the Bible times” category that keeps God’s very real intrusions into life at an arm’s length.

I know that Jesus, the Word of God–very God Himself–took on flesh and moved into the neighborhood. My neighborhood. Something about a fake Facebook status update made that real in the place deep in me where my heart and mind and imagination and hope collide with eternity.

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