Dhaka U

It’s almost “over” now — the pre-Christmas program organized by the Dhaka University Christian Student Union. It started at 3 pm today and was to run for about 5 hours. With time zones accounted for, that means they’re in the last 30 minutes of the event as I type.

I’m praying.

I’ve been praying since Shakil messaged me (and others) yesterday on Facebook to ask for prayers for this gathering in Bangladesh. Dhaka U is the most prestigious government-run university in that country. Shakil was scheduled to lead worship as part of the program which was to include video, skits, music, and much more.

It is reasonable to think that of all the students who are hearing about the Incarnate Christ, the Christmas story that some of us have heard over and over and over in our privileged lifetimes–some of them are hearing it for the first time. Some are hearing it clearly for the first time.

It is likely that most of you who read this will do so after the even has ended. Join me in prayer anyhow. Pray for those students who have heard the truth, that they will respond. Pray that lives will be transformed. Pray that God will be greatly glorified.

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