Dozens of people partner with me in the ministry to which I’ve been called as I serve in an executive leadership role with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

You very well may be one of those ministry partners. You invest your time and friendship in caring for me in some way. You intercede on my behalf before the very throne of God’s goodness and grace. You share your material resources with me. You encourage me in my walk of faith and in my leadership in Wycliffe in some way. I’ve said it again and again: I can’t do this without you.

In doing so–whether your engagement is sporadic or like clock-work, whether it is large or small on a humanly designed scale–you have joined God in what He is doing to bring worshippers from every language community on earth into a relationship with Himself through the translation of His Word.

Thank you.

Now, with so many yet to hear, let’s not let weariness or busyness keep us from pressing ahead. Let’s keep on investing ourselves in this extraordinary work of God, looking with anticipation to the time when all people will have access to the very Word of God in the language that most deeply impacts their lives. Together…in this generation!

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One thought on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. Chris W. says:

    Great post, Ruth. I hope it’ s okay…we’re going to swipe and modify some of your wording in a message we’ve been wanting to do for our partners. You have an excellent way of phrasing things!

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