Waffle Wednesday

Today we are re-birthing (Wycliffe) Waffle Wednesday. With record low temps in central Florida and an economy filled with more challenge than bonus and the hollow echo in the hallways around the not quite half-full office, it was just plain time.

I moved to Florida in February of 2002. That next December, I was one of a handful of people in the Communications department where I worked as a designer who did not take vacation days between Christmas and New Years. With almost zero interruptions, no regularly scheduled meetings, and a whole lot of quiet, we were rather productive. So much so, that we created our own distractions.

One of those was the invention of Waffle Wednesday. Jon, Heather and I hauled waffle irons and appropriate ingredients into the office and gave ourselves an extended morning break on that Wednesday between. We thought we were genius. We invented (as far as we were concerned) the not actually tasty but terribly clever womlette. We amused ourselves  no end.

I think we did it again in 2003, and by 2004 we extended the invitation to the other few dozen folk working in the building–losing the waffle makers and converting to a pitch-in/covered dish/pot luck style breakfast. 110 people showed up. The following year we “sold the rights” to the breakfast extravaganza to the committee who plans the Wycliffe Christmas parties and such and they did an all-staff breakfast before Christmas.

Or something like that. I may have a date or two off in there, but it’s the gist of the thing.

Waffle Wednesday works best when Christmas and New Years are weekend-ish events, so not every year is poised for such a celebration. This is a perfect year for it, and I have been working in between (the whole clean and purge some of you have noticed on my Facebook statuses).

And today is Wednesday. Christmas has been over for a few days and New Years Eve is on the near horizon. Perfect day for a rebirth!

We took it back down to a manageable sized group. There are four of us working this week in the Offices of the President (since that’s where I work now). One of those is Rona who–in the years between–married Jon from the original crew. Jon is also back working at Wycliffe but now in Prayer ministries as a writer/editor, so he’s coming and he extended the invitation to the Prayer Ministries crew working between. Katie (who was an intern last summer) accepted. That makes seven of us when we add Dad (who works in Prayer Ministries, though not this week).

Earlier today I was Skyping with Russ (another from the OOTP who is on vacation this week) to arrange a time for him to pick up his power saw (see blog about the pantry project if you’re curiosity has been piqued) and mentioned Waffle Wednesday. He wisely planned to pick up the saw at lunch time and then generously whipped up a batch of Scotch Eggs to add to the feast. We really would have been happy if he’d simply shown up empty-handed–but won’t even try to hide the fact that we were ridiculously happy to see him with that Hersman specialty in hand.

We also changed the location and time–from a break room in the office at morning break to my kitchen in my house at lunch time. This was a good idea.

So, Waffle Wednesday has been reborn. I’m already considering new things to bring to it next time…

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