1,000 words, digitally delivered

Some images are powerful because they invite powerful memories back to the surface. They serve as triggers, setting into motion a chain of images and senses that, when brought out into the open–even internally–explode with emotions. I’ve found that there are times when the memory emotions are more powerful than the experience emotions because they carry with them more of the story.

Some images are powerful because they demonstrate a kind of hope beyond hope for what can be, as if it will be for certain. Often pictures of children have this woven into the fabric of the image because children are more naturally capable of hope.

Thankfully they are not the only ones who can know a certainly of hope that sees beyond the edge of the frame called “known” into the great un-known-ness of the future. God Himself–through Jesus Christ–provides us with all the hope we need and then some. I think, often times, that the twinkle in the eyes of a child is a glimpse of Jesus for those of us who long to see Him.

Some images tell a story that go far past the moment in time that has been digitally captured. (I used to understand–at least at some level–how film captured images. I really don’t get how digital photography works, do you? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. But…I digress.) These are stories that depend less on a plot line and more on character development.  Even when the image depicts action, it’s more about the one or ones doing the acting and less about what they’ve done. These images give recordable form to the essence that is “me” — whoever that “me” happens to be.


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