2010 – THE END

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48 hours ago, a day-trip to my favorite place in Florida (Captiva Island) was not even a glimmer of a thought in my head. Truly. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d not made any serious consideration of today being a total goof off, breath fresh air and soak up sunshine day. Not that I was planning to work work, it is a holiday — but my TO DO list for home has plenty of things on it.


(Thank you, Lisa. Thank you, too, to Kathi and Dru for sharing parts of the day. And thank you Jan and Bill for letting us park at your place while we ventured over to lunch at the Mucky Duck. What a delight to get to see you, though too briefly, today!)

2 thoughts on “2010 – THE END

    • dru says:

      Wow. What a beautiful reflection of our afternoon. Seeing it from your lens made it seem like I was looking at someone else’s beautiful day. But it was mine and we shared it all.
      What a beautiful end of day and year. It was a great day with lots of fun and surprises.

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