The sky is NOT falling, the birds ARE

More than 1,000 red-winged blackbirds have fallen from the sky in one area of the city of Beebe, Arkansas.

Apparently no one in Beebe has an iPhone or we could find video of this odd event posted on YouTube, right? BBC has an article about the mysterious happening of New Year’s Eve, blaming weather but promising scientific analysis to determine cause of death to clarify just how the weather caused this catastrophe.

CNN reports indicates that there were actually more like 5,000 dead blackbirds and starlings — within a one-mile area which is 50 miles northeast of Little Rock.

Last June the BBC reported that there were parrots (actually, lorikeets) falling from the sky in Darwin, Australia in a drunken stupor. They were not dead, however.  Apparently this mystery ailment which presents very much like alcohol abuse, is not totally uncommon among these small parrots at the end of the wet season in Australia’s Northern Territory. Maybe that’s when they get back from Margaritaville.

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