There are thousands of things worse than losing a set of keys. I’ll refrain from making a list.

In search of our recently lost keys (last seen Saturday morning on the dryer), we have sorted through trash and recyclables. We’ve moved socks, checked pockets, peaked under frozen vegetables and even vacuumed behind and under furniture and between cushions. I mean, once you’re there doing something else and it’s so obvious that it needs to be done, you may as well just do it.

So frustrating to know you had something at a certain time and to no longer have it…and to look everywhere logical and illogical and come up with nothing. Well, maybe not “nothing,” but not what you’re looking for. I have found some change stuck in a nook or cranny.

More frustrating when you call the auto dealership to ask what it will cost to replace a car key with one of those micro chip deal and a remote control fob for opening locks and the back hatch. Really? I knew it wasn’t going to be $2, but pardon me while I choke on my Cheerios. (Any guesses? I mean guesses that don’t involved Google searches — that is not a guess, that’s research.)

So, we’ll keep our eyes open and try to recreate the point of losing for a few more days and the, on the weekend, we’ll seek replacement of some sorts.

One thought on “Lost

  1. Joy says:

    I have a guess that it’s close to the amount of just a remote sans key. Which is the reason we no longer have a remote for our car after our first child chewed it into oblivion. 🙂

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