Summer 2011 – Midwest Tour

As a missionary serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, one of the critical aspects of my ministry is something we call “partnership development.”  Put simply, it is the intentional nurture of healthy relationships between myself and those who partner with me in the Bible translation cause through prayer and shared resources.

This summer I am planning a two-week tour around the midwestern U.S. with the expressed purpose of meeting with ongoing ministry partners and of engaging new ministry partners. In preparation for this adventure I’m doing three things:

  1. I’m asking God to give me wisdom in setting goals that honor His intentions for this time — new prayer partners, new financial partners as well as increased financial commitments from existing partners, and new or newly focused relationships with those whom God is calling to serve in the Bible translation cause.
  2. I’m putting this draft trip plan on my blog and inviting you to consider whether you might want to influence my stops along the way to include YOU. I’d love to connect or reconnect with you. Some of you might (some have already indicated this to be so) be willing to advocate on my behalf and host a group of potential new ministry partners in your home or in some easily accessible public place. While I will be calling those of you whom I know along this route, it’d be great to hear from you before I start placing those calls.
  3. I’m asking YOU to join me in praying that God will direct my plans and glorify Himself through this whole process. I’d love to get to a few cities that are not on this tour. Pray with me that I’ll be open to a change in this plan if God has other places in mind.

While I don’t have dates set in stone yet, I’m anticipating late in June into July. I’m also not sure whether I’ll start and end in Indianapolis, in Omaha, or somewhere else. Some of that will depend on when I need to be where as well as the provision of affordable transportation.

I’m also considering taking some vacation time at the beginning or end of this time — but don’t have a plan for where that will be. So many more questions than answers at this point.

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