transition = the new status quo

Am I right?

I hardly know anyone who is not in the midst of transition. Some of those states of instability are dramatic while some are nearly un-recognizable. Still, most of us are in a place of movement between places of rest. Even those places of rest seem to be moving.

The story of creation as recorded in Genesis describes a cycle of work followed by a season of rest. Six days God created and on the seventh He rested. Does this set a preferred pattern for us?  Is this about more than work and rest the way we usually define those things?

I wonder what is more critical for thrival (I’m not interested in mere survival)? Must I find more frequent or more effective spaces of rest between the movement or must I find ways to rest in motion?

Do I have unrealistic expectations–perhaps ones that were woven into my worldview in a society with 5-day work weeks embedded with breaks and fairly consistent long weekends?

How much of this is challenging my resolve to live well and subsequently rebel against the constant freneticism?  Or is it a challenge to find rest beyond myself?  To seek peace not in the circumstances of my schedule or the familiarity of my surroundings but rather in the only aspect of my life that is rock solid?

I have a lot of questions today. I think questions are a part of transition.

What do you think?

One thought on “transition = the new status quo

  1. andthereyouhaveit says:

    I think, as one of those in some sort of major transition for what seems like forever now (move, new baby, new job, Neil new job, move again, another baby, new job for me, surprise baby, new job for Neil, new job for Neil again, another move…all in 4.5 years) I would be interested in hearing your thoughts as you process the issue, as I constantly struggle with it myself 🙂

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