If you’re going to watch this, do it before you read my comments. That way you’ll know what strikes you without being biased one way or the other by my opinions. I’m obviously prefectly happy to share my thoughts with general candor and don’t hide the fact that I do, at times, long to influence your thinking. Some of the time I simply want to influence you TO THINK.

So, I loved one particular striking contrast. It started with imagery that is typical when trying to impress people with the bigness of a thing—the number of times whatever-it-is will wrap around the globe. So, how DO you get your head around the concept of “7 billion” anything. 7 billion steps would loop the globe how many times? Yeah, a WHOLE LOT. More than I would have guessed, I readily admit.

Then the striking contrast. Standing shoulder to shoulder, 7 billion individuals could all fit into the space of LA?  Was that the city or county limits?


But, as I seem to do with most things like this—after enjoying the idea of how this was presented and finding the information interesting—I started to ask the “so what?”

What does it matter that within my lifetime the world will be hosting 7 billion people?  What differenct does it make to the way I live my life, to the choices I make and the direction I set for myself?  Does it, in fact, matter?


One thought on “7 BILLION

  1. Ruth Hubbard says:

    I’m not sure why the video is not visable. It is among my collected VodPod videos at the bottom of the page, but it is not visible in the post even though I’ve done what I usually do to embed video in this blog. I’m headed home for supper–it’s dark and a Friday night. I’ll figure it out later. Or maybe I won’t. I’ll TRY to figure it out later, that’s what I mean.

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