Micah was born on December 29, joining six siblings and his parents. This photo is of him on day one. Precious.

He slept a lot that first day. When he finally woke up and ate and the doctors were satisfied that he would repeat that routine but essential activity, he went home.

He wasn’t there long before his parents returned to the ER and an ordeal began that has engaged many people in various roles. Pediatric cardiologists and other specialists along with the NICU nurses do their thing. Dozens of us across the country have been doing our thing: PRAYING.

I’m not going to try to document this life in detail. What I know has been gleaned from Carrie’s Facebook page where she and husband Chris have posted updates with great regularity. This is not my story — it is theirs and it is theirs to tell. I only want to share glimpses of my glimpses to encourage you to PRAY.

Micah’s heart did not work correctly and his life soon relied on machines and meds. He’s been in and out of surgery. His body has been pumped full of various chemicals to keep one something in check while another something heals.

He’s been removed from the heart bypass machine once and put back on when his other organs couldn’t take the strain. He’s been back on the machine for a while now and is slowly being weaned from its influence.

In this time of healing, he’s begun to bleed in his brain.  As frightening as that sounds, the doctors chose to give preference to the heart in their decision-making process for now because the infant heart is not as able to repair itself as the infant brain.


Tomorrow Micah is scheduled to be taken off the heart bypass machine for a second time. Statistically, only 2% of infants who are removed a second time from such a machine survive. None have survived a third time.

Here are Carrie’s two status updates from today:

“TOMORROW IS THE DAY Micah will be flying solo! So far, so good. No new or increased bleeding today in the head, praise God. We found out last night that only 2% of life support babies do it a second time! NO child has done it 3 times – the organs can’t take it. We KNOW whom we BELIEVE in! He can make history if He wants at Riley, or He can choose to take Micah home.”

“We pray that He will let us keep him but we are at peace with His perfect will. Please join us in a vigil of prayer starting tonight! The next 72 hours are crucial. Even coming off (sometime) tomorrow is touchy. I will update Facebook when I know when the surgery is planned. Bless you all for praying!”

I’ve joined many others who are praying for a miracle. What we mean by “miracle” is that Micah will continue to heal and grow and one day be doing normal boy stuff and we’ll stand and marvel at the reality that he nearly didn’t survive as an infant and now he’s perfectly healthy and strong. That’s what we are really wanting.

I realized today as I was asking God to do something miraculous — to bring extraordinary glory to Himself through Micah and his sweet family — that He has been doing that all along.

God is glorified as Carrie and Chris love a son immensely who may never have the opportunity to love them back on this earth.

“‎’Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation ….he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving.’ God’s grace enabling strength holds us up – both thru your prayers and ours!”

God is glorified as people turn to Him for help, for intervention, for healing, for comfort and for strength.

“Please remember Malcolm in your prayers. He is Micah’s “neighbor” – he was hit by a truck and is in the ICU – Please pray for opportunities to share the “hope” of Jesus Christ with her and the “peace” that only He can bring to his mom, Amy, and his family. May God be MAGNIFIED in Micah’s life today!”

God is glorified by Micah’s body that struggles to thrive and by Micah’s doctors who care for him with expertise and grace.

“Please pray that the dialysis will do its job in reducing swelling, that Micahs heart and kidneys will rest/repair/refire soon, and that God will give the Doctors wisdom as to why Micah has such vital sign swings when not on bypass, requiring so much blood pressure meds. Our surgeon believes they are missing something. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

God is glorified by a mother who chooses to trust in her Lord in the face of horrible odds. O that I would be found faithful in choosing to bless the Lord in deep waters.

“Please don’t stop praying ! Our God is the Awesome God , He reigns from heaven above, He rules with power and might , our God is THE Awesome God.”

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