GAK for the G.A.C.

Last week I spent a couple of days in San Antonio, Texas at the headquarters for Bible Study Fellowship, International. I serve on something called the Global Advisory Council — a sort of advisory group convened by the BSF Executive Director and the Board to help them think through a few of the strategic issues they identified as needing special attention right now. I love this organization, have grown to love Susie Rowan (the Executive Director) and others in leadership with BSF, including the Board as well as the members of the G.A.C.

Joanne is a BSF teaching leader from a town near San Antonio who is also on the G.A.C. She has invited the women on her leadership team to pray for our work over this past year. When one of those leader’s daughter heard the talk of praying for “GAC” she remembered a fun kind of goo play stuff they’d made and used in the pre-class time in the children’s BSF class she’d attended. They called it GAK.

So, she made us each a gob of gooey GAK to enjoy as the G.A.C. met — in case we got bored or just needed something to keep our hands busy so we could pay attention.

Love it! don’t you?  I mean, besides the fact that I just plain like fun stuff like gooey GAK, I love that this girl was engaged in praying for us and then thoughtful enough to want to do something to serve us.

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