…and then she sang

After my bold declaration in this morning’s blog that I have put my hope in the God of all Creation as my source of strength, I had a day filled with things that pushed my mental and emotional buttons and left me a good bit more in shambled weariness than I could admit.

At one point I started to reach out to a few friends for alleged pray (which they would have gladly invested) but stopped short when I knew I was really reaching out to them for comfort. In an act of obedience, I put the smart phone back in its orange sweater and turned to the One who is the only source of rest for weary souls. I trust you won’t be dismayed when I tell you that I did not experience instantaneous, vending machine, presto-chango rejuvenation. Having prayed, I was still weary.

And in that place I drove across town to join a couple hundred women gathering at Delaney Street Baptist Church for the Monday Evening Women’s BSF group in Orlando.

The drive was easy. I set up my room and headed to prayer time with the other group leaders. We prayed. We joined the gathering women in the sanctuary to sing hymns and receive a few announcements before heading to the classroom where I would spend 40-some minutes facilitating my group of women through the questions they’d answered through the week on their own.

As women shared the truth of God’s Word and their own points of ah hah! and their own growing (sometimes struggling) faith, I began to feel a sort of relief. They declared our God incomparable again and again. They pronounced the wonder and vastness, the goodness and holiness of God in words that sunk in like the sun’s heat on sore muscles.

Nearing the end of our time together, sharing heartfelt responses to the single “Day 6” question — responses that pointed again and again to the hope we have in God alone, the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room was nearly palpable.

And then, as her response to that question…Gracia sang. Any weariness left in my bones and my soul washed away as the words and that simple, courageous act of worship transformed me again.

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