it’s NOT the END of my blog as you know it

Well, not exactly.

I’m not sure where to start and, once I do start, where I’ll finish. It’s been that kind of week.

Two weeks.

It appears it will be that kind of February.

When the margins of life fill up as they have recently and as they promise to do for a bit longer, something has to give. I looked around and determined that Hubbard’s Cupboard is one of those things that can do without my attention right now.

When it becomes helpful again — or fun — or something other than just another thing on the list of things that need to be done, I’m sure I’ll be back with greater regularity again. I’m sure of it. I like it here.

Until then, I may repost things or pop on with a sentence or three and a photo from time to time.

Just thought I’d let you know that this is not some passive aggressive way of me telling you that it’s over and we’re breaking up (metaphorically).

It’s just me…otherwise engaged and making choices.

2 thoughts on “it’s NOT the END of my blog as you know it

  1. Dorothea Lander says:

    Totally understand, Ruth, and agree with your reasoning about priorities. When we follow God’s timetable and priorities, He gets glory. I love your blog, but when He puts other more pressing tasks on your agenda, I’m very glad you don’t try to keep doing EVERYTHING! See you when I see you back here!

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