Return of the Jedi

I’m not a Jedi, really. I’d be cool with owning one of their light sabers, I suppose. Jedi are limited in their role in the universe to some engaging and entertaining works of fiction.

I am an Ezer. Non-fiction. Way better.

This weekend I’m a participant in the Synergy 2011 Conference in Orlando, Florida (location, location, location) and am finding myself being recalibrated well in that space with these people (mostly women, but not exclusively).

In days to come I expect I’ll be back writing in this blogspace as a result. Writing about the idea of plumb lines and recalibration — a conversation that started in my heart and mind a few weeks ago — as well as about some of the things we’re discussing at Synergy.

Things like what it means to be an Ezer.

Things like what it means to be cultivators and creators.

Things like…how good it feels to be thinking about such things again after a spell of repeated 100-yard dashes disguised as marathon.

As I rediscover my blog-voice I may also write about some of my encounters (I’m struggling to find the right word, not wanting to make this sound like something other than what it’s been) with the dark side recently.

And, I think I can safely announce that I’m done with the Star Wars references. Yep, that’s out of my system.


4 thoughts on “Return of the Jedi

      • Monsooner says:

        Hmm. I’ve seen the term and some teaching pop up here and there from different people, but I don’t know about books dedicated to it. My cursory Google research was a little disappointing.

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