Lisa Rocks!

At our annual staff retreat today we used rocks as a marker of remembrance as one element of a whole morning of intentional remembering focused toward God. It was a great morning.

Each of us was invited and reminded to bring a rock to use. I had a hard time choosing. There were also small piles of black stones on each table for those who forgot. Or who didn’t think they wanted to remember until it was too late. These are the stones that were on our table plus the white one on top which Lisa Meharry brought from home.

Well, kind of from home. You’ll have to ask her about that.

While we (me, Lisa, Dad, Dorothea Lander, and Lisa Powell) waited for the morning to begin, Lisa built this. She actually built it a few times and it kept falling when one of us would accidentally knock in to the table.  Lisa borrowed the fake plant off the stage for the backdrop when I started the photo shoot.

2 thoughts on “Lisa Rocks!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I’m pretty sure you used to work with Lisa P while it was Lisa M who actually did the rock tower construction. I tried to tell them that having more than one Lisa at the table would get confusing. 🙂

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